Real-life grinch smashes Detroit home, steals presents from under tree

On the Friday before Christmas, someone smashed a home's window on Detroit's west side and rummaged through the presents that had been laid out under a tree. After unwrapping the boxes, the thief took the most expensive ones and walked away.

Jamie White, a community activist in the city, is at a loss.

"I just don't believe this would happen right before Christmas," he said. 

The only thing matching White's disbelief was the despondency he felt when he broke the news to his 9-year-old son.

"They took some of your jewelry, they took your Playstation - he loved his PlayStation. He's like 'daddy did they take all my games?'" he said, with tears running down his face.

White's home is on Mansfield Street near Pilgrim. While he has no cameras setup that would aid him in his hope to identify who stole his family's gifts, his neighbor does.

A security camera down the block caught the culprit walking away, with big white bags saddled over his shoulder.

"I don't know nobody that would be that cold-hearted to do it and don't run, don't do nothing, just walk down the street like it's nothing," said White.

Police will investigate the incident. But 2019's Christmas has already been tainted for White, who doesn't understand why he was the victim to a side of the city he considers himself an ally of.

"I just gave away 150 turkeys out of my pocket just so everybody in this city could eat. I love this city, but I can't have them stealing from me," White said. "I don't do nothing wrong to nobody. I'm a good person out here. I don't deserve that."