Red Cross campaign promotes smoke detector safety

They are relatively cheap life-saving devices, sadly not everyone has enough smoke detectors inside their homes.

According to the Red Cross, 60 percent of all fire-related deaths are a result of no or non-working smoke alarms. The organization's Sound the Alarm campaign aims at combating that statistic, as volunteers help people prepare for a possible fire.

"Last year Michigan alone, we had 139 deaths related to fire -- a 62 percent increase over last year. A good portion of those are right here in the Detroit area, the metro Detroit area," said Tony Lasher with the American Red Cross. 

Since the Red Cross started this campaign, they've installed more than 15,000 smoke alarms. On Monday 30 Bank of America employee volunteers installed smoke detectors.

"Even in Michigan with those incredible numbers we're still seeing fire fatalities rise," Lasher said.

Statistics show you have roughly two minutes to get out of a house when a fire starts and for a family to be safe.

"That's a very small amount of time -- that's why that smoke alarm is so important," Lasher said.

He recommends talking with your family about an exit strategy just in case of an emergency.

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