Redford home entertains with spooky corpse bride display

A Michigan woman's passion for Halloween turns her front yard into something you might see in a Tim Burton movie. Taking a drive or a stroll down her street in the dark of night transports you to another world. 

Cathy Huber' in Redford fills her front yard with corpse brides.

"I really like Halloween," she told us. It's safe to say she's not exaggerating. She told us her decorations started with having one bride and has morphed into this giant display.

And that original bride has been with Huber for quite some time.

"I had a display someplace else in Livonia a long time ago, and she's the only one we kept," she told us.

Naturally, when she decided to start decorating her yard again, her old friend in white kicked it off.

"There's kind of a theme, too," she says. "Kind of Victorian and old and antique-ish." She forgot to mention: very dead. 

For Huber, building this shrine to brides made of bones has become a family affair. Her daughter Melany tells us she's been helping out with the decorations since she was a kid. 

So what does Cathy Huber dress up as on Halloween? Need you ask?

"We dress up in full bridal outfits, the hoop and all and get into the display," she said.

If you want to check out Cathy's masterpiece, it's along Pomona Drive in Redford.