Redford Union Second Chance program helps students with challenges

A new program at the Redford Union Schools is being called one of a kind, it gives kids with behavioral challenges a second chance.

This is not your average class. The Second Chance program at the Redford Union schools uses things like yoga mats and resistance bands to manage energy and emotions - even a break with a weighted blanket to calm down is an option. Plus, ideas that help them keep themselves on track.
"They need to be able to monitor themselves," said Shyam Thakker, lead teacher at the program.

The program is designed for kids who may have a tough time learning in a typical class setting or may struggle with emotional or behavioral challenges.

Thirteen-year-old Blake is one of 12 students in the program.

"Blake had some anger issues things that he was dealing with," said Mark Gray, Blake's father. 

Since he started things have really turned around.

"His attitude has changed tremendously, his skills dealing with other people has changed tremendously," Gray said. "He's really doing an excellent job."

"It means me getting myself together to get ready for a better life when I grow up," Blake said.

"I think this is unique and I think that we're one of the few if not the only one that actually pulls them into a full day of a self-contained classroom," Thakker said.

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