Redford woman struck in hit and run on July 4 waits for justice

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A night of fireworks ended with a hit and run for a Redford Township woman on the Fourth of July.

"All I remember is flying into midair, hitting the windshield and hitting the ground," said Sharay Ross.

The flashbacks are constant - along with the pain. But the most agonizing thought for 28-year-old Sharay Ross is that the person who hit her is still out there.
"They didn't even know if I was dead or alive and didn't even care and just kept going," Ross said.

Ross had the day off of work and says she went to celebrate the Fourth of July with her sister and a few friends for a get together outside a home on Engleside near Algonac on Detroit's East side.
"We were sitting down and they started doing the fireworks," she said. "We were sitting down in front of the lawn enjoying ourselves." 

Ross and her sister decided to call it a night around 10 p.m. But, as she and her sister stepped into the street to cross - she dropped her sweater.

"I pick it up, I look both ways," she said.

But it's too late.

"I couldn't even see the car if I wanted to because they didn't have any headlights on," she said.

Ross says the front of the speeding car - plowed into her left side.
"I heard the car go screech and then boom," Ross said. "I remember going mid-air. I hit the ground."

Ross says - after the car hit her the driver didn't slow down and even appeared to speed up - then blew through that yield sign and disappeared.

"The next thing you know, I hear my sister is screaming and hollering and crying," she said.

A group of friends and neighbors ran to help as Ross is taken to the hospital.
"Every day I get up I got to have help - I can't even walk," Ross.

Ross of course grateful to be alive but even more thankful but that her 6-year-old son had been at grandma's that night.
"If he was with me and he would've hit him, I think he would've killed my baby," Ross said.

Detroit police is searching for that driver. That car is described as an older model gray or beige Ford Taurus, likely with a lot of front-end damage. Ross is hoping they're caught.

"You could have taken my life," she said. "You could have taken me away from everybody who loves me."