Relief organizations fear donation fatigue as Irma heads to U.S.

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Wind gusts are becoming more powerful in the Caribbean Wednesday as response disaster resources stretch thin.

All eyes have turned to Florida as Hurricane Irma strengthens.

"It's going to be critical for people to understand the need has really now doubled," said Robert Blumenfeld, Michigan Red Cross.

Congress now must figure out a plan to fund Harvey's recovery while many are affected in Texas - fearing another disaster could interfere with their relief.

"I'm a bit fearful about that hole this is going to put me in," said James Dupree, a Hurricane Harvey victim who spoke to FOX 2 News.

Folks with the American Red Cross here in Detroit sent 40 leaders down to Florida to set up and prepare where they anticipate Irma to hit.

About 120 Michigan volunteers and 2,800 others are already helping in Texas and Louisiana.

"Some of our concern rests on just the capacity and the resources that are available to respond to two major events at the same time," Blumenfeld said.

Blumenfeld, COO of the American Red Cross in Michigan, says he believes what happened in Houston may be a wakeup call for Floridians to evacuate sooner because he says of what happened in Houston.

"It's comparable, if not worse, when you talk about Florida," he said. "Already the keys are under serious threat."

As concern grows that FEMA will run out of money donation organizations say donations are what's needed most.

"It helps the people who are suffering and helps reinvigorate local economy," said Jeffrey Bauer, American Red Cross.

Adding a donation of $20 would go far, Blumenfeld said.

"It would go to cots, blankets, we have readymade meals that we put on trucks that we are able to distribute on-site to people," he said. "We have first aid kits, we have clean up kits."

As the American Red Cross and other organizations fear donation fatigue.

"We're just confident people understand the needs are great and they can step up again," Blumenfeld said.

They are prepared to send more volunteers and supplies if needed, they remind those in Florida and those here are worried about their loved ones.

"We'll be there for the American people to alleviate their suffering," said Bauer. "No matter where, no matter what."

The Red Cross is asking for donations. Call Red Cross or go to text Harvey or Red Cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation through your cell phone carrier.