Remembering Sgt. Steil; activists call out prosperous pastor

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Part 1: Remembering Sgt. Steil

Charlie LeDuff joins as we honor Sgt. Ken Steil -- his courage, his bravery, his example - and how his death may change how we live.

On the panel:

Charlie LeDuff, Pulitzer Prize-award winning reporter

Sgt. Mark Young, president of the Detroit police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association.

Cmdr. Aric Tosqui, member of the Detroit Police Command Officers Association.

Part 2: Activists call out prosperous pastor

Plus a protest at a Detroit church gets out of hand as a group claims the pastor is flaunting his wealth in a poor neighborhood.

Do they have a point? Or did they disrespect a house of God?

On the panel:

Lyric Devine, political analyst for activist group New Era Detroit

Bishop Clarence Langston, founder of Word in Action Christian Center

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton asks about wealthy pastors in impoverished communities.