Remembering the tanker driver killed in fiery crash

Northbound I-75 is back open at Outer Drive now after a bad tanker crash last week. The stretch of highway reopened around 8 p.m. Sunday.

Roddy Winn was driving a Corrigan tanker with eight thousands gallons of fuel when something caused him crash. The wreckage caught on fire, damaging the concrete in the area and sending Roddy to the hospital with severe burns. Sadly, Roddy did not make it.

His daughter Miya and sister-in-law Vanessa Wilson talked with FOX 2's Roop Raj about the memories they have of Roddy.

"My dad was an amazing man. He was smart; he was kind. He was just like a smooth, cool dude - just really laid back. And he always loved to dress to the nines, and that's where I get my fashion sense from, though my mom would say otherwise," Miya says.

"He was well loved. His high school classmates, middle school, elementary people were coming together. That's what a lot of people remember him by - his smile and his personality," says Wilson.

They have't been able to drive by the accident scene yet, but other family members have.

"My brother and his wife were traveling out of town, and as he passed through the area they had to pull over because he was overcome with emotions," says Wilson.

"He knew the risk of driving a gasoline tanker, and I said that's why he always took the necessary precautions and was always safe. He taught us how to drive, and he drives, very slow," she says laughing. "And we're like, 'Dad, come on! Come on!' But, I just want to say that he's an experienced driver. He's been driving trucks for 26 years, and gasoline for 11."

Roddy had been taking care of his mother, who passed away in June. Now, another devastating loss to the family is taking a toll - emotionally and financially. They've set up a GoFundMe account to help the family. If you are interested in making a donation to the family, click here