Reproductive rights group rallies in defense of Roe v. Wade in Detroit on Saturday

The Reproductive Rights Group of Michigan marched in front of Detroit's Federal Court House on Saturday.

"Roe v. Wade was won in the streets and the only way we’re gonna defend it is in the streets," said Jessica Prozinski from the Michigan Coalition for Reproductive Liberation.

The Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade which would make abortion illegal in the U.S.

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"It makes me kind of sick, and it makes me feel like we have to do whatever it takes to stop this from happening," Prozinski said.

"It’s very deliberate and a lot of us have been dreading this day."

"This isn’t just about me this isn’t just about the people who are here… entire history of our country, decisions that have been made," said Marisa Norris, a protestor.

"I’m upset, and I’m scared but mostly for the women and girls who somehow won’t be able to access healthcare," said Ruby Teagarden, a protestor,

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Many of the protestors fear the consequences could be deadly.

"We are not gonna let women die on their kitchen tables and back alleys because people who get pregnant are going to get abortions one way or another, so this is a life or death struggle," Prozinski said.

"I’m 30 years old. I have never lived in a world without Roe, but plenty of people have … they remember... talk to them," Teagarden said.

"I think what touches me the most about this … people are beginning to understand that this goes so much farther than bipartisan politics… so much farther than the voting booth," said Traci Jo Rizzo from the Michigan Coalition for Reproductive Liberation.