Republican candidate John Kasich visits Troy on eve of Primary

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich hopes voters in Michigan will pick him over Donald Trump.

Kasich is making the rounds in metro Detroit in a last-minute push for votes and Monday night met with Oakland County Republicans.

Kasich joked to the crowd he's spent so much time in Michigan lately they are going to "start charging him income tax" but emphasizing how much this state means to him.

Before Kasich talked plans if elected president, he first gave the Republican crowd a little insight into who he is.

John Kasich grew up in Pennsylvania and his parents were killed by a drunk driver.

"People lined up to tell me how special my father had been to them in their lives and it left such a great impression on me," he said.

Kasich says those humble beginnings has been reflected in his run for the nomination.

"I've tried to run a positive campaign," Kasich said.

He says his focus has been on jobs rather than name calling. He was referring to the work he did in Congress to balance a budget when Bill Clinton was president.

"Bill Clinton tried to take credit for it," Kasich said. "We know Bill Clinton, if a riot was coming at him, he would jump in front of it and call it a parade. We dragged him to the balanced budget and we saw tremendous economic growth."

He says with low taxes for corporations so they stay in America and as governor of Ohio, he's taken an even more drastic step when it comes to tax relief.

"I feel so strongly small businesses in Ohio pay no income tax," he said. "We just wiped it out for them."

He left this crowd with a message - choose carefully.

"I would ask sincerely give me your vote and the world will hear," he said. "There is a better way to run this country. Thank you so much, I've got to go."