Republicans in Michigan cry foul after 16 charged in fake elector scheme

State Republicans cried foul Wednesday after the Michigan attorney general charged 16 conservatives in a fake electors probe that accused the individuals of coordinating to falsely award electoral votes to Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden during the 2020 election.

During a Macomb County GOP meeting, Republicans accused Michigan's top prosecutor of singling out and unfairly attacking the party.

"Dana Nessel is a thug," said one speaker during the meeting.

"When government officials use their positions to target and oppress certain groups and individuals, it sets a dangerous precedent that undermines principles of our representative government and our civil liberties," said Malinda Pego, the co-chair of the state party.

The party's discontent didn't stop at the county level.

In a statement from the state party, Kristina Karamo who heads the Michigan GOP said Nessel's charges "sparked valid concerns regarding the possible misuse of power by her office."

"It is crucial to recognize that despite being identified as a liberal, this AG constantly displays authoritarian tendencies and ambitions."

Without addressing the charges specifically, the Michigan GOP accused Nessel of weaponizing the Office of Attorney General.

"The MIGOP team will closely monitor the situation and recruit and deploy activists as needed to ensure we are doing right by God and delivering freedom to future generations," ended the statement.

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Nessel outlined the charges in a 12-minute video posted Tuesday where she alleges the 16 defendants gathered in a covert meeting in the party's headquarters after the 2020 Presidential Election where they signed their names to multiple certificates.

The letters said they were "duly elected and qualified electors for President and Vice President of the United States of America for the State of Michigan."

That meeting preceded the mailing of the fake documents to the U.S. Senate and National Archives in a "coordinated effort" to award Michigan’s electoral votes to Trump instead of Joe Biden who handedly carried Michigan in 2020.

Numerous reviews of the election have shown no proof of malfeasance during voting. Trump has continued to say otherwise. 

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Among those named in the lawsuit is Meshawn Maddock, who spoke to FOX 2 shortly after the charges were announced Tuesday. She denied any wrongdoing and says she was a "duly elected Trump elector."

"There was no forgery involved."

In a reply to Twitter post about the probe saying the defendants would end up in jail, Maddock replied "not likely and you're the coward."

Each of the defendants, who include public officials and residents from around the state, were each charged with several felonies ranging from conspiracy to commit forgery and forgery, to conspiracy to commit election law forgery.