2 teens shot in Detroit; residents speak out against gun violence

"Each summer gets worse," said Detroit resident John Holliday, hours after hearing about teens getting shot at on West Street near Detroit's Eastern Market, in broad daylight, Friday afternoon.

One teen is currently in stable condition after being struck by gunfire, according to Detroit police. A second teenager was grazed in the finger by a bullet; he was treated at a local hospital and released. 

Scores of shell casings littered the area. 

The exact circumstances surrounding the shooting are not clear yet, as police continue investigating. 

However, witnesses say they saw a white SUV drive away and hop on I-75 at Mack – another area where police are investigating apparent gunfire, according to sources. 

Holliday did not hold back his feelings on gun violence ahead of the summer months.

"I’m just glad that I don’t have any children that’s involved in the guns, shooting and the violence," he said. "My children, we haven’t raised them to do anything… like shoot and kill."

Meantime, nerves are tense amid fear of retaliation.

"Pretty much keep my eyes open and stay out of harms way the best I can," Holliday said.

FOX 2 met up with team members from New Era Detroit, who went to work to see what they could learn about the shooting while offering information to neighbors who might need some help in dealing with the violence.

"We are worried about retaliation, so just us being out here, present right now allows us to be able to prevent that," one member said.

It’s a big part of their Hood 2 Hood program.

"It’s like our mobile block party. We go down each block, house to house, give out free resources – people who do need help getting a job, mental health, paying bills and so forth, so we are a wrap around resources," according to New Era Detroit.