Republicans struggle to roll back state income tax

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Republican House members in Lansing are having trouble rounding up enough votes to roll back the state's income tax rate and Gov. Rick Snyder --is not a fan of the idea. 

Snyder says he's disappointed that his party is moving so quickly on this rollback and others have called it fiscally irresponsible. Republican state Attorney General Bill Schuette who is all but running for governor, says he's not disappointed at all.

"I think it's good what they are doing," Schuette said. "It's all part of the discussion. There will be give and take."

Snyder does not want to take $1 billion out of state services to pay for the income tax reduction.

One Republican lawmaker says he rejects the bill on those grounds.

"I don't like the concept and I don't like the process," said Rep. Larry Inman, (R-Traverse City). "I'm going to argue against it and we'll see where it goes."

I don't know how fiscally irresponsible it is," said Rep. Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw Twp.). "I think we can make it work. If you're bringing in the kind of income due to the comeback state, I think it is something we can make happen."

It won't happen until the House Republicans find more yes votes - they are about 15 short.

One Democrat lawmaker said the House Republican Speaker is squeezing lots of folks for those yes votes.

"They start squeezing the freshmen," said Rep. Scott Dianda (D-Calumet). "They get like little piggies and they start squealing."

We'll see if Speaker Tom Leonard can turn those squeals and - squeezing into votes.