Rescue group helps starving dog found on Fenkell in Detroit

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A plea for help for a dog in desperate need of help was made on the FOX 2 Facebook page Sunday - one we couldn't respond to until Monday.

"I came through the alley, he was sick, we gave him water we gave him food," said Demetrius Bibbs.

"We fed him yesterday," said Issa Mushar. "We gave him a lot of water a lot of food - I don't know where he went."

"It was terrible seeing that dog like that," said Dewayne Reid.

Reid was the one who shot the video and let us know about the emaciated puppy. FOX 2 called Detroit Dog Rescue and met them out at Schaefer tire shop at Schaefer and Fenkell Monday morning, but the dog was gone.

"I believe somebody got him," maybe somebody picked him up," Reid said.

Detroit police dropped the dog off at Detroit Animal Control at 1 a.m.

FOX 2 immediately Face timed the guys at Schaefer tire to tell them the good news and Detroit Animal Care and Control released the dog, now named Eclipse to the care of DDR.

From here Bryan Enrici from Detroit Dog Rescue is taking care of the dog.

"You can tell just by looking at him that he hasn't had many good meals," Enrici. "But that's going to change for him.

"He's very relaxed - I think he's real glad to have some human affection - get some attention."

At the vet they learned the dog is about 8 months old and only 17 pounds - half of what he should be. But already Eclipse is on his way to being whole.

"We're going to get him some food and medical attention and he's going to be a happy puppy," Enrici said. "We're going to get him adopted out soon as he's ready."