Rescue needs help for dog found shot by pellets across body and head

Tonight there's a call to help a four-legged victim of gun violence in Detroit. The dog was found shot multiple times all over her body by a passer-by.

"Someone basically sprayed a bunch of pellets across her head and body," said Dianne Reeves, I Heart Dogs Rescue.

FOX 2: "So this was intentional?"


The dog is in desperate need of medical attention is at I Heart Dogs Rescue in Warren

"On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst I’ve seen I would say this is off the charts - way beyond 10, it’s a miracle an animal can survive this type of trauma," Reeves said.

That’s why I Heart Dogs Rescue named the dog Adira which means strong and noble

Adira is now receiving much needed care at a veterinary hospital.

"She is very medicated right now because she’s in a lot of pain," Reeve said. "She's still on the mend and she has to have her eye removed."

But the medical care Adira needs comes with a hefty price tag so this rescue center is calling on the community for help.

"Definitely to cover her vet bills which can get very expensive," Reeves said.

An investigation into this crime against Adira is also underway.

"If any sort of hotline or tip line is established, we would like to use some of the donations to help with a reward," she said.

If you would like to help, go to