Rescued dog found with rope around neck needs forever home

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A dog was found starving and suffering from frost bite outside an animal shelter in Pontiac, a rope tied around its neck.

The poor animal could barely stand, but thanks to a lot of hard work "Winston" is ready to find his forever home.

Viewers first met Winston in early February when he wandered into the front yard of the Animal Rescue League in Pontiac with a rope around his neck.

He was skinny, suffering from frostbite and in serious need of some tender loving care.

"Winston came to us about seven weeks ago under very unusual circumstances," said Magee Humes, Michigan Animal Rescue League. "And after a lot of vet care and love and attention - he is ready for adoption

Ready and waiting - it's really quite the transformation.

"Winston came in at about 46 pounds and now he's 68 pounds,” Humes said. "Which is a healthy weight for him - we'd even like to see maybe a couple more pounds on him."

He may need a couple more pounds - but he's already heavy on personality.

"He's pretty laid back and chill but he likes to have some fun - he likes to run around," Humes said. "He likes his squeaky toys; he likes attention, loves a good belly rub. He's a good dog, he's a fun dog."

A fun dog with a fantastic future - as soon as he finds the right family - or that right family finds him.

"He's happy and healthy and he's looking for his forever home," Humes said.

If the public is interested in adopting Winston, it is encouraged to contact the Michigan Animal Rescue League at (248) 335-9290.

Prospective candidates will be led through MARL's adoption procedures by staff members. More information about the mission, work and programs of MARL can be found on their website at and on the MARL Facebook page.