Residents of Detroit can get free testing today, regardless of symptoms, job or appointment

Building on the city's momentum with its slowing pace of new COVID-19 cases and deaths, residents of Detroit have an opportunity to get tested for free today. 

The Detroit Association of Black Organizations (DABO) is teaming up with Sinai Grace Hospital and Wayne State University to screen any citizen of the city, regardless of if their job is considered essential, whether they have symptoms or a prescription.

Originally scheduled to start at 8:30 a.m., the event runs will now start at 10 a.m. and run until 2:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Sheffield Center Complex on Grand River in Detroit. No appointment or insurance is necessary to get tested.

"We want to make it as convenient as possible for people in the community to get tested," said DABO Executive Director Rev. Horace Sheffield, III. "People who get tested will find out whether they have COVID-19 and if they have antibodies in their system to fight the coronavirus."

Prior to DABO's initiative today, testing was reserved for those working on the front lines or were employed in an essential job, had already been exposed to the virus, or was showing symptoms. A necessary step in the city's effort to curb the spread of the pandemic, many health care experts and business professionals want much more testing infrastructure in place before city and state economies can start opening again.

For anyone who's interested in the opportunity, it's taking place today at 12048 Grand River at the intersection of Wyoming in Detroit.