Residents say torched SW Detroit building is a danger

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An abandoned building goes up in flames and two years later the rubble is still causing problems for residents.

Burned up boards with nails sticking out, piles of dirt, trash, tires. A big and dangerous mess which these southwest Detroiters are sick of looking at.

"It's just ugly looking out the window," said Diane Grunas. "We try to beautify our yard, have barbecues and then we have to look at this."

Back in November of 2014 the vacant building on Martin and Clayton right near Michigan Avenue had been set on fire with the arsonists caught on camera. Since then the rotting rubble has just been sitting there.

"Overgrown weeds, fires it’s a hardship for our neighbors," said Stan Grunas.

Neighbors just cleaned up some of the mess and worried children walking by may get hurt.

"The school is right there," said Diane Grunas.

And it's not only the trash and debris there is also a huge hole on the property.

"We have cats, rats, possums, turtles, birds, chickens," said Stan Grunas. "It’s unbelievable what's in there. We had stolen cars one time."

While neighbors say they've called the city with no response.

"I guess I got used to it after all this time," Stan Grunas said. "What can I do?"

And so has the manager of the party store right across the street.

"Especially at night time when I close," store owner Saeb Ghani said. "It's scary."

FOX 2 contacted the city Thursday and was told the building is in the demolition pipeline but has no firm demo date set yet as an environmental assessment is required to move forward.

Late Thursday afternoon the city said an emergency demolition letter was just issued for the building and it is on the "fast track" to be demolished.