Residents say worst is yet to come with St. Clair River flooding fueled by ice jams

The ice came fast and furious for those living along the St. Clair River, stacking jagged piece after jagged piece. 

"It's pretty devastating," said  Judy Socia. "Brutal. the worst I've ever seen it in my entire life."

It was especially bad in Algonac where ice jams turned Socia's home into an island. 

"The ice, from the canal and river, was everywhere," she said. "It was incredible to walk through."

And incredibly powerful as it moves the steel-reinforced dock. 

"During the evening I looked out and saw the end of my dock just moving," she said.

It twisting the once straight planks like a snake. 

"The pieces are huge and heavy, you see what it did," Socia said.

According to the National Weather Service, the flooding is due to two ice jams in the river. between Algonac and Marine City. And because of that, Monday night is going to be another long one for her and others there a flood warning remains in effect until 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Ice cutters from the US Coast Guard have been out in heavy rotation trying to make a dent.  And Socia isn't convinced she has seen the worst. 

"I'm not convinced at all," she said.

FOX 2: "What can you do?"


Pray, and start planning for repairs. 

"Hopefully you have a savings plan because insurance isn't going to do anything," she said.

If you have experienced any damage, St. Clair County set up a Facebook page to keep track of it. Simply search "Be Ready St. Clair County"  or go HERE.