Rising water raises flood concerns for east side communities

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The rain started just before 9 p.m. at Mariners Park in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood along the Detroit River. 

Every so often a wave crashes up over the barrier there and it is the winds out of the east that creates the real problem. With heavy rain expected, residents are beset with flooding concerns.

"It's about 3 or 4 feet higher than it normally usually is," said one resident.

It has become uncomfortable for those slightly inland along the canal on Anderson Street. At one house there, the owner said three sump pumps are working nonstop, but still can't keep the water from flooding the basement as it pours like a faucet from his yard to the street. 

"The water at this point is probably a foot higher than I’ve ever seen it," said Miles Hutcherson who lives along the flooded canal.

Hutcherson moved there in 2010. 

"I never anticipated the water would (go) over top of the seawall," he said. "Especially since I've been able to watch the city every few weeks clear it out."

He is one of the many heading down to Alfred Brush Ford Park to pick up a sandbag or 20, courtesy of the city of Detroit. 

The city says in two days they have handed out 4,000 bags.

"I turned around, got in my car, came up here and got some sand bags," said one woman.

She said she can remember the last time she was grabbing sand with flooding worries.

"April the 15th, 1985," she said, hoping this isn't a repeat. "It was horrible. I had 4 feet of water in my basement."

The people along the canal says the water has been rising for roughly a week now. They are hoping to weather this soaking rain without any further damage.