River of wasted water flows from boarded up Detroit business

A shuttered business in Detroit has water bubbling from it like a fountain. Nearby business owners are fed up and called FOX 2 - and we went to work.

The water is running right out of the building and heading straight for the drain on Van Dyke just south of 8 Mile. It was once a bank but most recently was Abundant Faith Baptist Church. Today, it's just leaking money.

"I didn't know the water was running. It's been abandoned, ain't nobody been over there," resident Chris Jones said. 

Jones lives nearby and says the place has been abandoned for a while. They only recently noticed that water was pouring from the building - likely from a busted pipe inside. Neighbors say the water has been pouring out of here for at least a month and they've called the water department three times.

Other businesses that are still open worry that the cost of the wasted water will be passed on to other customers.

"The water bills being sky high, that's not good - at all," James Fountain said. 

FOX 2 contacted the Detroit Water Department and a spokesperson tells us the city has been out to try to resolve the problem several times over the last few weeks. However, the box to shut off the water is buried and nobody has been able to locate it. They'll likely have to dig up part of the property to access it. But with the snow and ice, it could take some time.

City records indicate the owner, Abundant Baptist Church, owes them $9,000 for the water bill.

Detroit Water Deputy Director Palencia Mobley said this is a reminder for people who aren't using properties in the winter make sure the buildings are ready for the brutal cold.

"We try to prioritize issues as they come in. With the temperatures that we do have, this is the prime season for things such as water main breaks, service leaks, pipe bursts. It's very important for property owners who may be on vacation or who don't inhabit their properties during the winter to winterize those properties if they're not going to have the heat on," Mobley said.