Roads look like rivers, neighborhoods under water after heavy rain

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Flood watches, constant rain and melting snow has sent most of Metro Detroit under water.

Many roads have turned into rivers while homes flood and cars start floating.

Ryan Chevilette's view at the end of his Farmington hills driveway looks like river front property.

"This happens every year it's nothing new to me," he said.

He said Halsted between between 13 and 14 Mile roads turns into a river every time we get either heavy rains, melting snow or the perfect storm of both Friday. 

"In my opinion you have a road going through a wetland that probably shouldn't be there," he said. "At least the way that it is."

The sign says road closed but some people think that's a suggestion and got stuck. A tow company pulled out four risky drivers who chanced it - that's not even including the drivers Ryan helped out with this lifted Ford truck. 

Take a look across town on the south side of Dearborn Heights with entire neighborhoods under water.

FOX 2 ran into Chanisa Burnett pulling a children's wagon down the street. 

"I'm transporting my things from my mom's house to my car," she said.

She's forced to park blocks away from her mom's house off Telegraph.

"I had to drive through it, I didn't think I was going to make it," she said. "I did."

People who live there are actually used to it but that doesn't mean they're happy about it. 

"I think this is absolutely ridiculous this is the third time it's happened over here," she said.