Ron Savage's brother: When he did something, he was in 100 percent

Whether he was braving the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina or polar plunging in the Detroit River for charity, Fox 2's Ron Savage was always up for an adventure.

He was also a longtime firefighter and EMT -- it was his passion.

On Saturday, Ron was completing a routine training session with his department, Milford fire, when he collapsed.

He died of a heart attack.

"It was a blockage of the left coronary artery and it actually comes with the term widow-maker," Chief Tom Moore of the Milford Fire Department said. "Very few people that survive that."

Surrounded by fellow first responders who sprang into action, Ron could not be saved.

In Pictures: Remembering Ron Savage

It was a shock to the entire community because he seemed, at 63 years old, to be the picture of health.

He just recently passed a physical for his job with the fire department -- a job he dearly loved.

"He always wanted to do things that were action packed and what can be more action packed than firefighting and it actually became a new passion for him. He loved the fire department -- just loved them," said his brother, Tom Savage.

Tom is one of Ron's four younger siblings.

They grew up in Detroit and then on a farm in Fowlerville.

"Growing up on the farm you learned to do what you could for others," Tom said.

He says Ron loved the outdoors, hunting, and he was a heck of a good cook.

"When he did something, he was in 100 percent," Tom said. "He loved to cook and when he cooked, holy Toledo it was Ron all the way."

The same way he loved his job as an anchor and reporter at Fox 2.

"My mother always tells the story that when he was three and four years old, he used to talk into the vacuum hose. He dreamt of being on air ever since he was born," Tom said.

And he did it so well, but his best work was his family --  his wife, Mitzi, married 28 years, and their 15-year-old son, Ronnie.

The two were the best of friends and had plans for Saturday.

"He was going to go do the training and then he left a note on the kitchen counter of -- I'll be home around 11:30 a.m. and we'll go do something fun before I go to work," Tom said. 

Instead a family and a community are in mourning. But Ron died doing what he loved and we were blessed to have him in our lives.

"Ron died really at much too early of an age but had he not taken care of himself. he may not have lived beyond 35, and look what we would have been cheated out of," Tom said.

Memorials may be made in his name to The Ronnie Savage College Education Fund, with checks payable to Ronnie Savage, c/o Lynch & Sons, 404 E. Liberty St., Milford, Michigan 48381.

For further information please phone 248-684-6645.