Roseville house of horrors: Children, 14 dogs found in squalor

"It was in disarray quite frankly. Dog feces on floor, an odor that would come with large amount of animals in any closed space. Not ideal for any person or dogs."

Police say the children's father was at home when the dogs and kids were removed. But he was not arrested and no citations were issued.

Investigators say the kids appeared to be healthy and the majority of the dogs were in good shape but four need to be checked out by a vet

Police say if you are dealing with an out of control pet situation in your home, there are a number of resources that can provide the help you need.

"Call someone," Glandon said. "There's always someone who can help. Call local municipalities, they may be able to give some suggestions on where to go someone to contact."

Ahee says he wants the best for the children.

"I pray to God they get help," he said. "The kids don't deserve this. This is all about the kids."