Roseville man accused of torture in extortion case

A man was bound and tortured during an attempt to extort thousands of dollars, according to Roseville Police. 

Police say it happened Friday evening at Edward Palokaj's home in Roseville. He and the victim, a man in his 50s from Kentwood, have had an "on-again, off-again" business relationship over the last few years. 

Using his hands, a hammer, and nails, Roseville police say 39-year-old Edward Palokaj  tortured a 52-year-old Kentwood man to get $14,000

"We've had some pretty bizarre cases in Roseville but this is right at the top," Roseveille Police Chief James Berlin.

Police say Palokaj wanted $14,000 for a down payment on a restaurant. When the victim refused to hand over the money, police say Palokaj forced the victim to the basement and bound him to a chair. 

"He bound him to a chair, hands and feet, had him gagged, beat him on the head and body," Berlin said.

The suspect then allegedly hit the victim several times, and used a hammer and nails to torture him. Roseville police say the torture went on for at least three hours until Palokaj  threatened the man's wife and children. Only then, the victim decided to comply. 

That's when police say the man called his boss in Southfield asking for the money.

While the two were on their way to Southfield to get the money, the victim's boss had a feeling something was not right and called police. Southfield police were waiting when the two men arrived, and arrested Palokaj.

"He felt something was wrong in the tone of his voice so he called Southfield police who were there when the victim and suspect showed up," Berlin said.

In court on Monday, Palokaj called the charges as "bull". 

His neighbor, Tisha Barnes sees Palokaj and his girlfriend regularly but was stunned to the core.

"That guy is sick, it doesn't even look like my neighbor," Barnes said. "It's got to be a double life. The look on that gentleman's face is sick!"

The man suffering minor injuries while Palokaj is being held on a $250,000 bond and faces up to life in prison.