Roseville man charged with shining laser at state trooper on I-94

A Roseville man is charged with assaulting a state trooper with a laser pointer on I-94 last week.

Investigators say on Friday night, 32-year-old Jonathan Rayner shined a laser into the eyes of a state trooper on east bound side of the freeway. The trooper has been transported to a hospital with vision problems and headache.

Troopers were able to call out a description of the car the suspect was in and track them down. Rayner was a passenger inside the car.

Police say a laser pointer was found and Rayner was arrested. He is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, and assaulting an officer.

Rayner was arraigned at the Detroit Detention Center on two counts of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing on the below listed incident.

His court proceedings will be held in the 36th District Court. No date has been set.

The night of the incident, the Michigan State Police Metro Detroit Twitter account tweeted that "A handheld laser is not a toy!"