Roseville soccer coach accused of sexting high school girls

A Roseville high school coach is accused of sending nude pics of himself with female students at the school and police fear there may be others involved.

According to police, a junior varsity soccer coach sent explicit pictures to current and former girls at the high school.

"It's the one place you should feel secure while your children are at is the school. The 4 to 6 hours they are there they should be safe and secure. To be victimized by someone in authority at one of those schools is unconscionable," Police Chief James Berlin said.

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A father of one of the alleged victims says it started innocently but it quickly changed.

"At first I was completely shocked when officers were telling me this and then rage and then me tearing him apart was the next thing I thought of. I still feel that way," he said. "He friended my daughter on Snapchat and then pics and then nudes," he told FOX 2.

The school district released a statement saying they are working to contact soccer players from the 2017 season to inform them of the allegations. According to the superintendent, the employee is not allowed on school grounds as long as there is a police investigation.

We tried to track him down at the last known address. When we knocked on the door, a young woman answered and said the mother of the accused coach lived in the home but the person we were looking for was staying with his fiance.

Police are now looking for other possible victims to come forward.

"Because of peer pressure or you don't want to be singled out or don't want to be the one who came forward a lot of this goes unreported," Berlin said.

Police say they have enough evidence of sexting to go forward with criminal charges.

"We believe that was as far as it got what the future intent was - what it may have been - we may never know. But thankfully it stopped here."

The coach has not been identified by police and is not in custody at this time.