Rouge Park's Buffalo Soldiers have horses, history

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Since 2006, The Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Association has been welcoming kids and adults for a unique experience at Rouge Park in Detroit. 

The Buffalo Soldiers served out west following The Civil War. They were all African Americans and many people here know nothing about them, so the eight people who are part of this heritage association are committed to educating others and sharing the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers.

"This was during the time when the settlers were crossing, going west, and one of their primary jobs were to protect them," Jimmy Mills explains. He tells us he's always had a love for horses, and how he gets to share that love with other people, too. 

And now at the age of 78, Mills is that guy, and he uses his love of horses and of history to inspire others in the city of Detroit at the stable on Joy Road in Rouge Park at the Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Association.
Not only is a visit there a lesson in history, but for the families and schools and church groups that visit it's a unique opportunity to see the horses up close and personal.

"It's an experience just to be here and to allow the kids to bond with these large animals which most have never seen that close up," Mills said. "Several of the kids know the name of every animal out here."

And these guys are here with these animals every day, caring for them and welcoming anyone who wants to learn more about history and horses.

"The history and the importance of passing on the history," said Stathen Townsend, also with the Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Association. "So I figured the young people needed to know this."

"This is one of a kind [unlike] any place anywhere in the country, having horses that are in the city," Mills said.

You can get more information on the horses and on the Buffalo Soldiers online here