Royal Oak police and fire raise $13K for teen battling lymphoma

While working on another story in Royal Oak, one of our FOX 2 crews met Salem High School senior Lane Kleinglass.

Lane is the son of a firefighter, and is a lacrosse player, but it’s his latest challenge that’s brought a Metro Detroit community together over hockey.

"In December, my leg was really hurting, none of the doctors could explain what was happening," he said. "I had a mysterious broken leg. After a few CAT scans and a biopsy I was diagnosed with lymphoma."

Six months ago, a cancer diagnosis changed lane’s life forever. He’s had several radiation and chemo treatments, but the teenager is not fighting this battle alone.

Earlier this month, Royal Oak’s police and fire departments held their 10th annual charity hockey game. Instead of playing each other, they teamed up against Detroit Red Wings Alumni.

"A lot of police and fire are out there doing a lot of great things day in and day out," said Lt. Patrick Stanton, Royak Oak Fire. "And this is just another example of the things we try to do, to give back to our community."

The Red Wings alumni won 13-8, but the number that really mattered was the almost $13,000 dollars raised — making Lane Kleinglass the real winner.

Monday’s check presentation was a full-circle moment for Lane.

"It’s something very good for us see," Stanton said. "In this case, Lane is known to us all. Lane’s father worked here as a firefighter for a number of years and Lane is an aspiring firefighter himself."

"It’s nice to see so many people there all the time," Lane said. "These people know me and I don’t really know them because I was little when my dad worked here."

Lane hopes to finish high school in the fall. once he’s done, he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps and train to be a firefighter.