Royal Oak police arrest man for spray painting on overpass

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Royal Oak police said they arrested a 38-year-old man for spray painting on a railroad overpass. But this isn't graffiti like you would expect.

At Maple and Farnum, a yellow background appeared this week with blue bunnies and cute monsters on one side. On the other is a similar, but smaller, piece of art. The problem is the man who painted them wasn't supposed to do it.

Carl Oxley was arrested Thursday afternoon around 12:15. Royal Oak Police said they were called to the area, which passes underneath a railroad overpass, on a report of a man spray painting large murals on the sides.

Oxley claims on Facebook to be that man. Royal Oak police said they found several cans of spray paint in the area.

They arrested the artist for malicious destruction of property. He was able to bond out and said on his Facebook page that police were 'kind and helpful' throughout the process.

Police are still investigating and if the damages amount to more than $1,000, Oxley could be charged with a felony.

Oxley said in the comments section of his post that he just wants people to smile when they see it. He said that the bridge had been bugging him for two years and felt that 'something had to be done'.