Royal Oak's Ale Mary's serving CDB oil from pot, hemp in cocktails

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If you're sick of the same old cocktail this bar in Royal Oak has you covered - they're spicing up their drink menu mixing alcohol with an ingredient found in Cannabis. 

There is a little something extra in these cocktails at Ale Mary's in Royal Oak. 

"As far as we know we are the first ones around to use this product," said Pam Stigall, manager of Ale Mary's. "The CBD we use in the soda is derived from hemp so it is agriculturally legal."

CBD oil is found in marijuana and hemp. It doesn't have the psychoactive effects, but is said to be calming - even helping with aches and pains.  

"More relaxed and (you get a) mellow glow from your cocktail," said Stigall.  

"I understand you will have a really good sleep," said Christine Bussey, drinking her first CBD cocktail.

Christine Bussey is trying Aunt Bee's CBD Southern Tea - with bourbon, amaretto, mint leaves, lemon juice and CBD oil soda - one of three CBD drinks mixologists are perfecting at Ale Mary's. 

"Not so much the taste but it's more of a soothing, calming effect so I thought I would try it out," she said.

This wouldn't have been legal until the Federal Farm Bill passed in 2018 allowing the sale of CBD oil derived from hemp. 

"It seems weird to mix it with alcohol because it seems like they are sort of conflicting in that nature," said Michelangelo Accettura.  "But it's Friday and work is over so let's have a drink."

Michelangelo Accettura is trying the drink first time - but he uses CBD oil on a regular basis for what he says are its therapeutic benefits. 

"I have a little bit of anxiety so I figured I would try it out I would rather have that then a pharmaceutical or something," he said.

The cocktails have only been on the menu a few days - and they're already a big seller. 

"They all seem to have a smile on their face," said Stigall.

Ale Mary's might be one of the first - but other bars and restaurants soon to following selling not only cannabis infused drink but food too.