Royal Oak's Emagine Theater hosts eighth private screening for young kids with cancer

A preferential red carpet treatment. A private screening. Toy Story 4 on the big screen. Just about every kid's dream, right?

"This experience is really, really meaningful for us. He hasn't been to the movies since December, 2018," said Michelle Day.

Day's child has cancer. And like so many other children fighting against the disease, life's simple pleasures like a day at the movies can be robbed from them. 

"So for us as a family this means a lot for Bottomless Chest to do this," she said.

Bottomless Toy Chest is an initiative started by Mickey Guisewite after her kid was diagnosed with cancer.

"Having cancer is difficult for anybody, but I would say it's particularly hard for a child," said Guisewite.

"I started the Bottomless Toy Chest after my son went through cancer treatment," she said. "I found that the more I could do to help him stay busy and engaged and do things that he was able to do instead of all the things he couldn't do, the better he felt."

And what do those things look like? Well on Thursday, it was a red carpet rolled out with flash photography permitted. Following the praise comes a private screening of Toy Story 4, with Woody by your side. 

This is the eighth time the theater has put on this show. 

But that's not all. What would Bottomless Toy Chest event be without a bottomless toy chest? There's a huge pizza party, cookie decorating and a bucket full of toys to take home.