San Diego dog found in Metro Detroit

Mishka the dog went missing from her San Diego home six months ago, and just last week the dog turned up in Metro Detroit.

The dog ended up at the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption society, who scanned for a chip and were able to contact her owners, Liz and Mehrad Houman at their home in San Diego on Thursday morning.  As luck would have it, they would be flying to Minneapolis to visit family. 

As soon as they landed, Mehrad drove straight to Metro Detroit to pick up Mishka. 

"I've been missing my kid, so that's I think, what anybody would do to go get their kid back" said Mehrad.

The biggest question the family has is how did Mishka get from San Diego to Grosse Pointe? The most common theory is that someone stole her in California and brought her to Metro Detroit.

"Someone taught her how to sit. She sits now," said Liz Houman.

The Houmans are incredibly thankful to the woman who found Mishka and the women who took care of her.

"It's a 100% miracle, and we never gave up hope. And I knew that we were going to get her back," said Liz.