Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge gets a makeover

A big bridge in Michigan has a new look.

The Sault Saint Marie International Bridge is showing off its new nighttime look with new lighting. Power to the bridge was shut down for several weeks while crews installed the energy efficient and colorful lights. 

The LED lights will reduce energy use by 55 percent, which saves at least $44,000 in energy costs and $30,000 in maintenance costs over the life of the fixtures.

With the cost savings and other rebates, the expected payback on the lights is just six years.

But, not only is it cost efficient - it's also patriotic. The arches on the U.S. side now light up red, white and blue at night. The arches on the Canadian side are, as you may guess, red and white.

You can learn more about the bridge and its lighting improvements in this video from the Michigan Department of Transportation: