Save money for your small business with DTE Energy

As a small business owner, Crystal Mitchell is always looking for ways to save at her business, Crystal Clear Images, but she never thought those savings would come from her utility company.

"We were just amazed that there was a program out there that offered an assessment that offered tips and then made changes to your business,"  Mitchell said.

DTE Energy is ready to cut costs for you, too - through their business energy consultation program. They'll even do a few fixer-uppers to help your business be more energy efficient. And the best part? It's all free.

"We'll replace any screw-in light bulb if there's any incandescent or CFLs we'll change those out to LEDs," said Philip Guster of DTE Energy.
"If you do not have a programmable thermostat, we'll change that out and install a programmable thermostat for you, we'll add that pipe wrap, and look for other measures as well."

Mitchell made changes after her consultation, and DTE has money-saving measures for your business, too!
- Use a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature when the building is not in use,
- Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs
- Add motion sensor lighting
- Insulate all areas possible.

"We know that spiders like cool, drafty places that's why they are usually hanging around the doors and the windows. You should also look for your shades or your blinds. If they're blowing, your window could be leaking air as well," said Guster.

Mitchell says she can now use money saved to do what her small business does best - helping out the community.

"When my utility company comes in and is able to save us money, we're in turn able to turn around and save the community money," she said.

Along with DTE's tips, her savings were her biggest takeaway from her consultation

"When I see the kilowatts being saved that means that money's being saved to me, and I've always learned that a penny saved is a penny earned," Mitchell said.

Learn more and schedule your consultation today at DTE Energy Consultation