Scaffolding, planks, cement mixer and livelihood, all stolen in theft of trailer in Rochester Hills

It wasn't just work tools or supplies that was stolen from Merced Lira. He lost his livelihood as well.

Owner of Lira Brothers and a mason for new houses in metro Detroit, the construction worker had left his work trailer overnight at a Rochester Hills' home on Friday. When he returned, his trailer was gone.

"All our scaffolding, planks, braces, out riggers, cement mixer, all of our livelihood," Lira said. "When I got here, it was not here no more."

All of Lira's supplies was kept in a black 14-foot-long, high-side, open-top dump trailer. For a mason who relies on the supplies he's acquired over the years, and in the middle of a busy home building season, the theft has deprived him of being able to work.

"I was lost, I didn't know what to think," he said.

In his hunt to find what happened to his trailer, he scoped out neighbors who may have had surveillance. Upon discovering a homeowner who had a camera equipped to the house, he asked to take a look.

On the surveillance, he spied a black pickup truck driving off with the trailer hitched.

"I was amazed seeing my trailer drive down the road with somebody else," Lira said. "I was mind-blown. All my livelihood and somebody else taking it."

The supplies within counts for thousands of dollars.

While police have been contacted and an investigation is under way, with a few "good leads," he hopes if anyone knows something, they get in touch with law enforcement.