Scammer posing as Oakland County deputy demands $1,500 from victim, claiming she missed jury duty

A scammer called a Bloomfield Township woman multiple times Monday to tell her she missed jury duty and needed to pay $1,500.

Authorities said the caller claimed they were from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and called from spoofed county numbers.

The scammer told the 44-year-old woman that she was being charged with contempt of the court, and needed to pay $1,500 to clear the charges. The victim first sent $500 via Zelle Pay before offering to meet the caller at the police department to settle the rest of the debt.

When the woman suggested that, the scammer stopped calling.

Police said law enforcement agencies will not contact people by phone to settle a fine or take care of a warrant. If you believe you are a victim of a scam, hang up and call police.