Schizophrenic teen missing from Michigan discovered on popular Twitch stream in Florida

Troy Coleman

A 17-year-old Flint resident, who according to family suffers from schizophrenia, was found when his brother recognized him on a popular Twitch stream.

After the brother saw the Twitch stream, authorities were able to track down Troy Coleman, who had been missing since May 21, according to Flint police. 

FaZe Lacy, one of the streamers, tweeted that he and "Clix," his streaming partner, had talked with Coleman randomly on the street, and because of that, his family discovered that he was still alive. 

Coleman's brother, Trent, reached out to them and they were able to put police in contact with Troy, who is now returning to Michigan. 

"We are working with local authorities to arrange his safe return to Michigan to be with his family," the Flint Township Police Department said in a Facebook post.