School board president stripped of title for reporting anti-mask family list to police

There was a massive show of support Friday night at the Bloomfield Hills High School football game for former school board president Paul Kolin.

The Bloomfield Hills school board voted Thursday night to remove him from his position. He remains a member of the board.

It all stems from a list circulating of nearly a hundred families who are anti-mask. Kolin reported it to the police and the school superintendent because some of the families feared backlash.

Board members were displeased they weren’t consulted before he took action.

Students say Kolin is affectionately known as 'PK.' Hundreds attended Friday's game wearing white shirts that read "We stand with PK."

"Our school wouldn’t be the same without him," said student Lindsey Zousmer.

But school board members stand behind their decision.

"I just believe there was a lot of violation, not just in the policies, but in my personal trust in your leadership," said trustee Michelle Southward during the meeting.

Kolin defended his decision.

"When a list - any list of some sort - with students and parents is distributed to a school community, or on school property are prohibited by our policies, we have an obligation to understand the complaints of those in the school community, who may be affected," Kolin said.

Meanwhile, students feel Kolin did nothing wrong.

Paul Kolin

Paul Kolin

"We hope to create some sort of change and make sure our voices are heard in this community," said student Shira Ellis."Because it seems to be undermined by other people's negative opinions being put into the world."

"There is seriously no one in the world I’ve ever met like Paul Kolin," said Zousmer. "He is the greatest role model. Everyone at the high school knows him, loves him, looks up to him. "He is the spirit of Bloomfield Hills High School."

"He’s given me nothing but confidence throughout the way and the least I can do is be supportive of him," said student Abby Sung.  "I think the board should really reconsider their decision."

There is no comment as of yet from any other board members. Kolin declined to comment but added he was overwhelmed by the support.