School goes on in Oak Park despite social media threats

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High school students in Oak Park were in class on Tuesday, despite threats of violence made on social media against the school.

The threats were about someone bringing a gun to the school. While leaders didn't call of classes, some parents didn't want their kids in class. Parents like Nickole Osley who pulled her son out of school, just in case.

"I just didn't want to take chance of somebody coming up here and doing something stupid," Osley said.

The threats were made on Tuesday when two Instagram postings surfaced. The threats told people not to come to school for the rest of the week and that there are plans to shoot up the school and, specifically, one teacher.

"If you know who it is please encourage him to not make this decision. It's not their decision to decide who lives or not," Osley's son, Kevin, said.

School officials say they were made aware of the postings just before 8 a.m. on Tuesday and immediately contacted police. Steve Cooper, Director of Public Safety, said they're taking the threat seriously and promises to get the person responsible.

"We'll be here around the clock until we find person responsible. We have a very good relationship with the school, their confidence in the Oak Park Police Department is very high and I believe that it's just a matter of time before we have the person responsible in custody," Cooper said.

The superintendent tells FOX 2 they stand by their decision not to cancel classes. They released this statement to FOX 2:

"We believe the precautions taken allowed us to continue with teaching and learning throughout the day Please be assured that we would not be in session if we felt a child or staff member was in danger "

School officials say Crime Stoppers and police will hold an assembly Tuesday to discuss anonymously reporting tips to solve crimes.