Scrap metal from semi smashes woman's windshield on I-94

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A routine drive home on I-94 turned terrifying in an instant for Kristen Mitchell.

"I had to pull over for a minute - I was rattled from it," she said.

At 6:45 p.m, Monday, Mitchell was getting on the freeway heading west at Middle Belt Road.. She says she following a semi-truck carrying scrap metal and wood - when some of it came loose.

"Metal stuff was just flying out of the back of his truck," she said.

Mitchell said a piece of sheet metal bounced out of the truck heading straight for the driver's seat. 

"It probably would have come through the windshield at me if I didn't swerve when I did," she said.

Mitchell says prior to getting struck, she had to dodge at least three other pieces of metal and wood which flew out of the top of semi as she drove home on I-94.

She escaped unharmed but with a damaged windshield, one that is only getting worse in the heat.

"I have five kids and it's hard to come up with extra money to pay for a new windshield all of the sudden," she said.

Mitchell did file a police report with Michigan State Police. She is hoping others who may have witnessed the semi losing its load will do the same. 

"I know that there were at least 10 cars that were around me that saw it happen," she said.

She is hoping her story will serve as a warning to truck drivers to make sure to secure what they are hauling - and for drivers hitting the highway during the holiday to cut out distractions - because you never know when disaster can strike.