SDM² Project's food pantry helps Detroiters in need on Giving Tuesday

Making a difference in the lives of others many people are doing just that on this Giving Tuesday.  One local organization hopes the spirit of Giving Tuesday will last all year long.

"I am on a low income so it’s hard for me to get food throughout the month," said Elizabeth Howard.

"It's not ashamed to ask for something if you need it," said Sharon Burgan.

And although the need is great, the support the residents are receiving is greater.

"We’re raising the community to be strong," said Jacqueline Moore, founder of SDM² Project Education.

Every Tuesday SDM² Project Education organizes a food pantry for residents - many who live in a food desert.

"We do this every Tuesday we are embedded in the community doing what we do," Moore said.

But on Giving Tuesday, the organization is able to do even more thanks to organizations looking to give back and serve the community.

"We’ve partnered with Faygo to help out the SDM² Project. We brought six pallets of food, they brought six pallets of Faygo," said Chad Techner, founder, Metro Food Rescue. "So we’re ensuring everyone has plenty of food for the holidays and Faygo to wash it down."

"It’s important to know the organizations that are in our backyard and try to contribute whether it’s our time or resources as much as we can." said Dawn Burch, marketing director at Faygo.

And many of these residents say this is the ultimate shopping experience because many of these foods they would never be able to afford without the generosity of others.

"Good food it’s quality food and it helps me not worry about what my grocery bill is going to be," Burgan said.

SDM² Project Education supports the community in a number of ways - not just through food giveaways, but uplifting them through educational support.

And the organization hopes the spirit of giving is contagious allowing people to do what they can to support others and not just on Giving Tuesday.

"I invite our communities to be about this 365 not just for the holiday season," said Silver Moore, SDM². "But make sure you have that same spirit throughout the entire year  because there is always a need there’s always something you can do to build your community."

For more information about SDM² Project Education go to the website HERE and Facebook page here.