Search continues for gunman who shot 9-year-old in the face

The gunman who shot a 9-year-old boy on Detroit's west side is still walking the streets.

The community is coming together tonight hoping to put an end to the violence and put one more criminal behind bars.

Enough is enough that's what these volunteers say Friday, passing out flyers on Detroit's west side just steps away from where 9-year-old Malik Cosey, Jr. was shot in the head Saturday.

911 call: "My son just got shot in his face over here on Murray Hill."

"You cannot shoot a baby in the eye or the face and get away with it, it's not ok," said Patrice Young of Crime Stoppers.

The little boy while waiting in the car at his grandmother's to go to the movies, gunfire, and the entire car was sprayed with bullets.
Malik thankfully is recovering in the hospital. But losing the vision in his right eye.

"That's messed up," said 

"That doesn't make any sense that in the city of Detroit not only are you not safe indoors or outside,"  said one woman.

Crime Stoppers stopped traffic Friday as neighbors quickly recognize Malik's smiling face.

"He played basketball in my backyard every day," said Mr. Tate. "Real nice kid."

"Malik is one of my members, I've seen him in my pew," said Pastor Corey Chavis. "I've prayed over him before school."

Calling little Malik his hero, Malik's pastor is planning a peace and unity walk Friday night right where those shots rang out.

"If we show that we're out here and willing to get in the community," Chavis said. "They may be able to speak up."

As Detroit police have little to go on describing the getaway car as a light gray or silver Dodge Magnum with tinted windows, possibly with a broken light. These folks are not giving up in their quest for someone to speak up.

"This is a child, this is not snitching," said Anthony Jones of Crime Stoppers. "Everybody says the streets talk. You talking to the right people?"