Security Breach at Punch Bowl Social;Employee Personal information compromised

The personal information of employees at Punch bowl Social located downtown Detroit have been exposed.

The leak happened last March at the popular restaurant and bar in Detroit.

Many employees are wondering why they are just  now finding out now and what is being done to protect them.

"Are you worried? I am definitely worried. I am frustrated."

Lodari Walton hasn not worked at Punch Bowl Social in Detroit since last year, but he just received word that his personal information has been stolen.

The same for 24-year-old Aramis Brown. He has not worked at the restaurant in two years.

"I am very irritated. I am worried about myself, but I am also worried about the customers."

Both former workers and several other employees just received letters from Punch Bowl informing them that the business was a victim of a phishing scheme. W-2 forms including names, addresses and social security numbers of potentially hundreds of employees have been electronically leaked.

"It definitely made me look. OK, what is really going on. The fact that my information is floating around the streets and someone has access to it. And all they can offer is two years of credit counseling."

What troubles both men the most is that the personal information was leaked in March. Punch bowl executives learned about it a month later yet these former employees are just learning about what happened and they are not alone.

Walton posted the letter he received from Punch Bowl to his facebook page and multiple employees responded reacting to the leak.

One woman claims that someone used her information to lease a car in Texas. She says investigators are looking into it.

In the letter, Punch Bowl claims this is an isolated incident and they continue to take steps to secure the system against future attacks. These former employes worry the damage has already been done.

"I want to make sure I am ok and customers information wasn't leaked as well. I want to sit down with the owner to find out how this happened and why we weren't notified as soon as it happened."

"Punch Bowl has done nothing but send me this letter and say here is the deal with this. Now I am looking at what other options I have as an employee."

Fox 2 did reach out to Punch Bowl Social. Their public relations team responded to us confirming what they call an "Isolated security breach of personnel information." The business claims no customer information or credit card numbers were exposed.