Semi truck crashes into house in 4-vehicle accident in Ray Twp.

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First responders were at the scene of a crash into a house near 26 Mile and Omo roads Wednesday afternoon.

The crash happened in Ray Township in Macomb County. A semitruck blew a tire hitting a van, causing a four vehicle crash.

According to the Macomb County Sheriff, the crash happened around 4 p.m. Wednesday when the tractor trailer driver blew a tire, lost control, and careened into the eastbound lane of 26 Mile.

The semi hit an F-250 and then plowed through the home before coming to rest in front of Meade Cemetery.

The homeowner told officials the home was unoccupied. 

The semi driver and pickup truck driver were all uninjured. A van behind the F-250 hit a mailbox while trying to avoid the crash.

Along with major structure damage to the residence, several headstones in the Meade Cemetery were also damaged. 

SkyFOX video shows dramatic destruction of the home, with most of it leveled. 

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No major injuries have been reported, police say the house was empty at the time.