Sen. Bernie Sanders in Warren Saturday campaigning for the 2020 election

Senator Bernie Sanders was out in Warren Saturday, just one of his stops in visiting battleground states in the Midwest this weekend. 

"This is a very radical idea, you ready for a radical idea? This looks like a radical group of people," Sen. Sanders said.

If Bernie Sanders meant radical as in fundamentally different than what’s out there, some of his ideas definitely are.

"To me democracy means one person, one vote not billionaires buying elections," he said.

The senator from Vermont is not a billionaire but he is a self-proclaimed millionaire who took some heat this week for criticizing those with bank accounts with more zeros at the end.

Despite that, Sanders stayed on message. 

"Almost half of all new income created today going to one percent while tens of thousands of workers in Michigan and in Vermont and all over this country forced to work 2 or 3 jobs," Sen. Sanders said. 

He hit hard on some of the bread and butter issues like raising minimum wage and protecting pensions.

"If congress could provide a trillion dollar bailout to large the corporations and the banks that help destroy our economy we can make certain that we keep the promises that we made to workers in terms of their pensions," he said.

In some ways he’s not radical at all, falling into line with other democrats who hope to work from the oval office by backing a Medicare for all plan.

"Healthcare is a human right not a privilege," he said.

While also railing against voter suppression, another common theme amongst democrats. 

"How disgusting is that, I mean it really is, I got my ideas, other people have their ideas, take your ideas to the people, maybe you win, maybe you don’t, that’s called Democracy. I say to those Republican Governors who don't have the guts to participate in free, fair and open elections get the hell out of politics," Sen. Sanders said.  

The crowds on Saturday were estimated at 1000 people at Macomb Community College south campus in Warren.