Sen. Bernie Sanders takes diabetes patients to Windsor to buy less-expensive insulin

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Several democratic presidential hopefuls have already been seen around Metro Detroit the last couple of days including Bernie Sanders.

One of his main messages is to lower medication costs for Americans. 

Bernie Sanders boarded a bus Sunday and headed for Canada just two days before the second democratic debate at the FOX Theater.

His message on Saturday to show the price difference of medication costs, like a bottle of Insulin.

"In the United States depending on where you live it will cost $350-400 bucks, here in Canada it costs 35 or 45 bucks 1/10th the price," Sanders said

Joined by Type 1 diabetes patients during his trip over the border - he calls the vast price difference "corruption" of pharmaceutical companies. 

"The incredible greed of the pharmaceutical industry the three major manufacturers of Insulin, and they control 90% of the market and just coincidentally it seems that they raise their prices at about the same rate at the same time," he said. 

Sanders says if he gets elected President, he will take on the industry using anti-trust legislation to keep big pharma from monopolizing the drug market. 

"Over the last 20 years the pharmaceutical industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign contributions they buy and sell politicians republicans and democrats," he said.

The debate is two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday. With CNN hosting - they split the candidates up in groups of 10 candidates. 

Sanders will take the stage at the FOX the first night - it starts at 8 o'clock. We will have comprehensive coverage for you before and after.