Senior prank goes too far at Birmingham high school

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Fallout from a senior prank that went too far with students at Seaholm High School in Birmingham.

"It was very messy, somewhat dangerous," said student Lisa Johnston.

Johnston and Madison Daminato described the Seaholm hallways Thursday when a senior prank went from fun to out of control.

Shaving cream, silly string, water balloons, stink bombs and soap created what school officials called a safety hazard. A few students received minor injuries from slipping.

"I think that was a little too much, I don't think it was necessary," said Daminato.

"I think it was silly but stupid," said Johnston. "I don't think their intention was to put other students in danger."

It got so out of hand, the district sent an email out to parents and students telling them the annual senior dinner would be cancelled.

"It was really mayhem," said student Josh Rosen. "I don't know how to explain it. It was really embarrassing what happened."

This is the second time in a week students have been punished for senior pranks that crossed the line.

At Farmington High School students left glitter, shaving cream and baby oil covering lockers and floors.

Now Farmington police are investigating the extent of damage and deciding if charges should follow.

Back in Birmingham, when the district is done investigating the school plans to refund the $55 tickets to the graduating seniors.

Should the punishment been so harsh for what some students believe was a harmless prank?

"I didn't think they needed to take such measures to cancel Senior Dinner," Johnston said. "It was their last day supposed to have fun."

You may be wondering what happened to all that food for the senior dinner - we've been told it was donated to the Great Centers of Hope.