Seniors sue Botsford Commons complex demanding better living conditions

Residents of the Botsford Commons senior community say it takes advantage of its residents 

A lawsuit is pending in Oakland County Circuit Court pitting the condo association against Beaumont and its subsidiaries for allowing the community to fall into disrepair.

"This is a criminal enterprise," said Robert Meisner, attorney.

Halley says the soil is eroding near her unit 

"Soil should be at a certain spot by the building and it's not there it's just eroding," said resident Virginia Halley. "Fix it. Put in a retaining wall and build it strong." 

Residents say it's not even safe to walk in their community because they could slip and fall.

"I have to watch," Halley said. "The ground is uneven; it will grab my foot."

Residents say there's also concerns about flooding in some of the units caused by the Rouge River that runs along the property. And many residents also argue they're the victims of price gouging So their attorney put a RICO claim in the lawsuit.

"If you look at the abuses that have occurred over these 20 years, it is very difficult to come to any other conclusion," Meisner said.

The attorney for the association says Beaumont and its affiliates have known about many of these complaints for years - and they only filed the lawsuit after their complaints were ignored.

"They're hoping that these people will go away, give up their interest in the lawsuit and Beaumont will win by default," Meisner said.

Beaumont says the case has been in litigation for some time and they have denied the allegations. Beaumont also put a joint statement with Botsford saying:

"We value the residents and work with them to create a safe environment.  We are working with the property owners and condo owners to meet the needs of the property and will continue to do so." 

But these residents say they won't be convinced until they see changes.