Shelby Township woman makes bracelets that benefit any fundraising mission

It's been 12 years and there isn't a day that goes by that Linda Plumhoff doesn't think about her best freind Sharon Winter.

"I think about the love for my friend and it is important for me to keep her legacy alive," she said.

Her beloved neighbor was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Sadly, her battle was short.

"Mid-January she told her friends and family and then I hosted a fundraiser that April local bowling alley her friends and family and six awareness bracelets these bracelets this pink one made as a raffle prize and those 6 bracelets turned into 250,000 bracelets," Plumhoff said.

A few months later, Sharon passed away. But Linda says she soon realized her purpose.

"I had just bought this house (on) Grace Street. I had came out of a bad divorce. I had just bought this house and she was the angel. She had come here scraping paint off the wall and ripping up old carpet, as sick as she was that's where the angel of grace came from," she said.

Linda created Angel of Grace, a charity where she began making awareness bracelets in the comfort of her Shelby Township home on Grace Street. Each handmade bracelet costs $15 and a third goes to benefit your fundraising mission.

Linda started selling her pink breast cancer bracelets and it grew from there. She now sets up her table at fundraisers across the state. Through her bracelets, Linda is helping to bring awareness for numerous diseases and raise money for countless organizations and people.

"It brings me great joy to sit down with my bead board and make bracelets. Hearing stories are very heart breaking but you also hear the heart warming stories the survivors," she said.

Tens of thousands of woman now wear bracelets Linda makes in memory of her dear friend, helping Sharon's legacy live on.

"It gives me great joy to share Sharon's story. I've shared it thousands of times. I am as passionate now as I was 12 years ago," she said.

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